SUNRAY Lighting was established in 2013, as a subsidiary of HEE Holding Limited and 100% owned by SUNRAY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. It has been providing high-quality products such as Integrated solar street light, solar motion light, LED street light, LED High Bay, LED Flood light… which including led lighting and solar energy products.

We are an manufacturer which the headquarter based in Yueqing city, and sales office located in Shenzhen. Our factory has 28,000 square meters and more than 200 employees. With professional technical team we can offer not only OEM&ODM service, but also the lighting and solar energy design and solution to ensure that we add more value to clients who choose SUNRAY products.

SUNRAY Lighting has obtained a number of national software copyrights and patents and utility model certificates, our solar powered all-in-one LED street light has bulk exports to Europe, Australia, South America and Africa. We ensure the performance of all products fully compliance with IEC, EN and AS / NZ Australia national standards, product quality and service got foreign customers'recognition and praise.

Presently, we have closely cooperated with major clients such as Honeywell (UK) Limited (HONEYWELL), Saudi Arabia ALFANAR Electric LLC and HYDEL Industry Enterprise. And Sourceco Electrical Group Pty Ltd. And we expect to cooperate with your highly praised corporate also!

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All-In-One Street Light

The All In One Solar Street Light is the latest in off-grid, solar street light design. Taking the solar panel, powerful LED lights, controller and lithium battery and putting it into a neat, aero dynamic, compact and light weight design.

The All-in-One Solar Street Light range in light intensity from 15 watts to 50 watts with the battery size matched to provide 3 days of autonomy. The All-in-One is also sized according to application, location, sunlight exposure and light needs. It is perfectly suited for areas where no power is currently available or difficult to bring in and the All In One is dark sky compliant so no light is wasted.

The All In One is perfectly suited for: streets, parking lots, walking/hiking paths, common areas, camping areas, beach areas, pools, parks, bus stops, roadways, farms, freeway call boxes, anywhere where light is needed without the high costs of trenching, electrical wire runs and especially electricity.

The All In One Solar Street Light saves more energy with its built-in PIR Sensor (Projected Infra Red Sensor). The PIR Sensor allows the All-in-One Street Light to power down/dim to 30% power saving battery energy when no-one is around after 5 minutes. When anyone or anything approaches to within several feet; the PIR Sensor will bring the light back to 100% creating a safe area full of light. This smart feature preserves battery power as well as increasing passive security around the light.

The All-in-One Solar Street Light is constructed of high strength, non-corrosive aluminum and stainless steel for durability. All the electrical components inside are sealed and waterproof with an IP67* rating and is RoHS* Compliant/Certified.

Advantages of the All-In-One Solar Street Light

With the increased cost of electricity and the recent jump in demand for renewable energy alternative products, the All-in-One is becoming the product worth investing in.

The All-in-One solar street light comes complete with Lithium battery, controller, LED light and solar panel in one neat package for ease of installation compared to other solar lighting on the market today.

The All-In-One is an excellent security light. Always on at night, even if the power goes out as a result of a storm or earthquake keeping your family, friends and employees safe and secure.

No underground trenching or utility connections required. Cut installation time in half and reduce project costs.

Eliminate ongoing energy bills and exposure to unforeseen energy price volatility.

Add lighting where it is needed without worrying about interference with existing infrastructure.

Less downtime compared to grid tie lighting systems.

Increase reliability and lighting availability in extreme weather events and earthquake events when lighting is more important than ever. The All-In-One is not affected by grid outages.